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About Us

About Hapri

The boutique management consultancy, providing services in South America and the Caribbean. Our purpose is to provide strategic management and ideas, designed to drive progress, create value and generate wealth for our clients.

Who we serve

Harpi was founded to provide answers and leadership to clients who entrust their business to us. Our clients are governments, companies, entrepreneurs and civil societies looking to grow their organisation from strength to strength.

Our Direct Focus

Harpi provides a range of solutions from meticulous strategic thinking aimed at providing results, to highly strategic evaluation designed to critically examine activities, characteristics and outcomes.

We are passionate, dedicated and results oriented. To get there, we will only focus on our clients. Accurately developing and implementing strategic plans, assessing both the internal and external environment, making organisations able to compete.

Harpi’s business strategic management process’s direction is to drive organic growth, finding the best balance on behalf of our clients.

Our Mission

To provide a more robust way that matches people’s very human need to develop. Not aiming to manage more or better, but to provide strategies and fuel ideas for organisations to grow.

Our Vision

Using strategy to inspire and implement solutions to better a client needs for the future.

Our Objective

Smarter strategy means, ‘ I can’t do everything.’ Constantly finding the vital few and focusing on those.

We help our clients to understand their Goals & help managers answer five essential questions.

  • What do success & failure look like?
  • What specifically should I do?
  • How is this relevant to what I do?
  • What support is available?
  • What’s in it for me?
Joseph DeJonge
Founder & Director
Joseph DeJonge
Founder & Director

Joseph is the founder and director of Harpi management consulting, a boutique strategic management and ideas firm that advises businesses in South American and the Caribbean.

Joseph’s passion for strategy and structured ideas was ignited by his early years living in Guyana, South America. He has recognised that such development is vital and essential to South America and the Caribbean’s future.
Before moving into management consulting, Joseph worked as a structured finance analyst in North America, administrating millions of dollars in structured products including Bank Loan CDOs, ABS and Credit Default Swaps as well as applying theoretical knowledge on planning, budgeting and forecasting for private and public organisations.

Joseph has also taught small business planning and business decision making at London South Bank University and continues to lecture in this platform to assist small businesses and civil societies.
In addition to being a management consultant, Joseph is highly involved with civil society organisations, joining many in Guyana to help them advance their cause. He is also a competitive tennis player and very active in other social initiatives.
Contact details: joseph@harpigroup.com

Douglas Cosbert
Douglas Cosbert

Douglas Cosbert BSc (Hons), MSc Finance and Applied Accounting (Distinction) is both a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) and a Fellow Financial Accountant (FFA, FIPA).
Managing Partner of Canalitix Accountants which is authorised and regulated by the Institute of Financial Accountants.

Prior to returning to public practice, Douglas managed successful business and technology transformations at Logica, RBS NatWest, Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, Credit Suisse and Barclays Corporate Banking.